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Office of Future2

The Future of Office Design

    Offices today are very different than they were 10 years ago, but what will they look like 10 years in the future? Dare we even imagine? CNN Style interviewed several experts including an architect, designer, innovator, and entrepreneur and all gave their hypotheses for the future of the workplace. As you may expect technology [...]

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Rewriting the pastIMG_8209

Rewriting the Past | The Allure of Signage

The Original Pantry, a 24/7 diner, opened their doors in 1924 and has literally been open every day since then (except for one day in 1997). While Los Angeles has evolved with significant development around it,  this historical monument has maintained it’s original 1920′s concept. Today, it remains a popular destination visited by many celebrities, [...]

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The Changing Face of Retail

The Changing Face of Retail

Most people have heard that traditional retail stores are being outpaced by e-commerce sales. However, traditional brick and mortar retailers may have an advantage over e-commerce or internet shopping. Retail shops are realizing that they can create an atmosphere that provides an intentional experience for their shoppers. This experience is enhanced by not only interior [...]

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Hospitality Design – Trendspotting

In the December issue of Hospitality Design, the magazine lists twenty-one trends that are on the rise in the hospitality market of design. The magazine’s excerpt describes this article as “Twenty-one movements, ideas, people, and things that are experiential, unique, memorable, and compelling – and are challenging the status quo”. Sounds intriguing right! These trends [...]

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Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired School

RIBA Award Winning Project: Prestwood Infant School

If you’ve ever red the children’s story called Fantastic Mr. Fox you may see how it inspired this colorful after school facility. Prestwood Infant School located in London is a 1,200 square foot facility also known as Little Hall and it’s colorful peaks are meant to meant to represent the homes in Mr. Fox’s underground [...]

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Hotel Van Zandt Lobby in Austin, TX

Mark Zeff Riffs on Austin’s Musical Heritage at the Hotel Van Zandt

The title is a bit mysterious isn’t it? You may be asking yourself…What is Mark Zeff Riffs? Is that a person, place, or maybe a noun or action?  And what is Hotel Van Zandt?  I know I was. However, the first paragraph of the article brought up another question…who is Townes Van Zandt? After some additional research I [...]

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Restaurant resized

The Secrets of Good Restaurant Design, Revealed by the Pro’s

We all have our favorite restaurants we prefer to go to, but do you know why? Many times you can walk into a restaurant and pick up on a vibe that you either feel comfortable in or vice versa perhaps. You may be able to identify an obvious design feature such as an interesting wall [...]

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Bethan Wood Lapicidia Brogue Dining Table Published Credit: none

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2016

In this article, 26 “very opinionated” interior designers give the 5 top design trends to look forward to this year. Plus: Five trends that are kaput. The phrase “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out” applies to these trends. Some trends that are “out” may surprise you and the trends that are “in” [...]

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The Future of Retail 2016

What Does It Mean To Design Experiences? I Retailers Move Beyond Digital

Retailers are realizing they need to create experiences not only digitally, but also physically and socially to fully engage consumers. Not a long time ago when you talked about experience design, people would think about UI or UX design. However, as ESI Design noted at PSFK’s Future of Retail Report 2016 launch event in New [...]

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Structuring the Stakeholder Engagement Process to Drive Better Design

As a designer, engaging with all key stakeholders on a given project—the client; the client’s key decision makers, such as facilities and human resources leadership; and real estate professionals involved with a project—may be viewed either as cumbersome and time consuming or as an opportunity to create better outcomes. Embracing the latter in a strategic [...]

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