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The Changing Face of Retail

Most people have heard that traditional retail stores are being outpaced by e-commerce sales. However, traditional brick and mortar retailers may have an advantage over e-commerce or internet shopping. Retail shops are realizing that they can create an atmosphere that provides an intentional experience for their shoppers. This experience is enhanced by not only interior [...]

Above View – Artisan Ceiling Tiles

Above View offers ornamental plaster ceiling tiles in an array of styles that let you create a unique ceiling design. Made in the USA and sustainable, these 2′ x 2′ tiles drop into any standard 15/16″ T-Bar grid system that can easily be cut to size in the field. Above View offers over 70 ornamental [...]

Infographic: How to Choose Colors That Work Well Together

Choosing the right color for any project can be difficult, but if you remember the basics it can make it so much easier. This infographic breaks down the color wheel to show you how colors relate to each other and how to pick a winning combination. Use these principles when choosing a palette for your [...]

Hospitality Design – Trendspotting

In the December issue of Hospitality Design, the magazine lists twenty-one trends that are on the rise in the hospitality market of design. The magazine’s excerpt describes this article as “Twenty-one movements, ideas, people, and things that are experiential, unique, memorable, and compelling – and are challenging the status quo”. Sounds intriguing right! These trends [...]

Formica – dECOLeather

It’s all in the name. This decorative veneer from Formica is ECO friendly and it looks like, feels like, and they say it even smells like genuine leather. It’s also water & stain resistant and extremely versatile to multiple applications. To see more installation examples and available textures and colors, click on the Formica website link.

Inspirational Quote – Robin Siegerman

To start the new year off right, why not start with the goal of creating happiness. Making our clients happy is what makes us happy! Design (which we happen to specialize in) is a vital and powerful tool to help us all reach that goal. As the quote alludes to…the space you occupy (and that [...]

RIBA Award Winning Project: Prestwood Infant School

If you’ve ever red the children’s story called Fantastic Mr. Fox you may see how it inspired this colorful after school facility. Prestwood Infant School located in London is a 1,200 square foot facility also known as Little Hall and it’s colorful peaks are meant to meant to represent the homes in Mr. Fox’s underground [...]

Inspirational Interior Design Quote

This is what design is all about – making our lives better… When an interior space or a building is well designed it creates an environment that evokes an emotion. When an interior space or a building  is well designed it fulfills it’s purpose by becoming more functional. To bring it full circle, this purpose is what evokes [...]

Kimball Office: Stow

Kimball Office offers Stow, a storage solution that is designed to define any space. This ‘resimercial’ product can be used in residential and commercial markets to create a sleek, defined, and well organized space. This storage solution comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to create a variety of looks. It can be used independently to [...]

Mosaic House: Cement Tile – Black and White Collection

 Mosaic House is a New York based tile company specializing in the centuries old craft of creating authentic Moroccan tiles and making them accessible to their clients. As the newest generation in a centuries old family of tile makers, they draw upon the traditional craft expertise of Morocco, while embracing a modern taste for texture and [...]

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