Hospitality Design – Trendspotting


In the December issue of Hospitality Design, the magazine lists twenty-one trends that are on the rise in the hospitality market of design. The magazine’s excerpt describes this article as “Twenty-one movements, ideas, people, and things that are experiential, unique, memorable, and compelling – and are challenging the status quo”. Sounds intriguing right! These trends include venues coined as ‘Active Wellness’, ‘Wellness-Based Healthcare’, ‘Instagrammable Fitness’, ‘Experiential Retail’, and F&B Marketplaces’ to name a few. If you’re not sure what this last one means, but you’ve been to Chicago’s Eataly you’ve been to an F&B Marketplace that’s very active, experiential and Instagrammable! To discover more trends and see examples, click on this link to view the “trendspotting” article starting on page 83 in Decembers issue.