RIBA Award Winning Project: Prestwood Infant School

Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired School

Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired After School Facility

If you’ve ever red the children’s story called Fantastic Mr. Fox you may see how it inspired this colorful after school facility. Prestwood Infant School located in London is a 1,200 square foot facility also known as Little Hall and it’s colorful peaks are meant to meant to represent the homes in Mr. Fox’s underground village.

Cedar battens stained in vibrant colors are arranged at different heights  to create the peaks and low hung windows cut into the battens are also placed at various heights. The result is a whimsical façade that draws children in and allows them to satisfy their curiosity. This award winning after school facility is not only engaging, but it’s part of an initiative that provides a free hot meal to every school age child to help combat child hunger.

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