World’s Coolest Offices of The Future: The New Facebook Headquarter!



You’ve never seen company headquarters like these. That’s because they don’t exist (yet). Here’s a glimpse at the most amazing offices that will go up next year–and after.

In 2012, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg began meeting with internationally-renowned architect Frank Gerhy. Welcome to the future, in which a 28-year-old start-up founder can call on a starchitect.

Indeed, two years later, Gerhy has designed a sprawling new Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California, across the street from its previous 1 Hacker Way. The new building will be the largest open-floor-plan office in the world, and is rumored to be connected to the old office by an underground tunnel.

Facebook’s forthcoming headquarters campus is one of the five coolest offices of the future¬†Inc.¬†has chosen to feature this year. And it embodies some of the characteristics common to all of the remarkable offices we’ve chosen, including open spaces to encourage collaboration, extreme environmental friendliness, and truly innovative design.

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