Interior Design Magazine Asks…

In the March 2011 issue of Interior Design, several designers gave their responses to this one question:

“Is there a creative activity that energizes you?”

Let us share some of their responses with you.  They may give you some ideas on different ways you can spark your creative side, even if you say you don’t have one.

“I’m an old-school model builder.  We have an entire wall of models in the office.”
–Goil Amornvivat, Tug Studio

“When I sketch, I think.”
–Andrew Wells, Dake/Wells Architecture

“Watercolors are simple and immediate – they let our minds wander off-topic, meander without a defined destination.”
–Edward Lam, Moss & Lam

“I am a nomad.  nothing makes me happier than experiencing new cultures and traditions, then exporting the ideas into my designs.”
–Clodagh, Clodagh

“Photography helps me capture inspirational moments for my work or grasp a thought that comes my way.”
–Tony Chi, Tonychi and Associates

“Multiple times a year, we send out happy reminders that life is good.  And who doesn’t like to be like, right?”
–David Stark, David Stark and Production

“Extracurricular design – scribbling, molding, sculpting – becomes a diary to chart my creative path.”
–Norman Roberts

“I write poems.”
–Rand Elliott, Elliott + Associates Architects

“Long walks through the park with my dog, Ute, are my way to decompress and allow ideas to develop.”
–Robin Elmslie Osler, EOA/Elmslie Osler Architect

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