Milliken I Color Field Collection

COL 154 Rune

COL 154 Rune

Millikens Color Field collection offers 64 colors to create a quiet floor plane or allow punctuation’s of color with vibrant hues to create an imaginative and extremely durable color palette.

Released at NeoCon 2014, it has become one of Millikens top-selling collections. It has an extremely vast array of color options, varying from neutral colors to highly saturated ones. This pattern is made with Milliken’s highly successful print technology, which allows this product to easily be customized with just a small yardage minimum. This beautiful and versatile plank product, (like all Milliken products), comes standard with our cushion backing which provides acoustical benefits, ergonomic benefits, and superior durability.

Click on the Color Field Brochure to see installation images as well as the full color palette

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