Rewriting the Past | The Allure of Signage

The Original Pantry, a 24/7 diner, opened their doors in 1924 and has literally been open every day since then (except for one day in 1997). While Los Angeles has evolved with significant development around it,  this historical monument has maintained it’s original 1920′s concept. Today, it remains a popular destination visited by many celebrities, politicians, and anyone else who wants to walk through it’s unlocked doors. According to it’s manager, David Wall, it’s simplicity in design is not a mistake or lack of creativity, but a reason for it’s success. This success is attributed to the authenticity of the Pantry’s signage and Mr. Wall notes that ”…designers need to take special consideration of how it ties into the overall aesthetic rather than leaving it as an afterthought.” Signage can be as important as the overall fixtures and finishes selected and can add an emotional element to a business. Often it’s what draws a customer inside to see a thoughtfully designed interior. When the signage is part of the overall design these two aspects reinforce a brand and create a connection with their customers, which lead to a successful business.

To see the 4 ingredients needed to follow this recipe and understand the allure of signage, click here http://www.interiorsandsources.com/article-details/articleid/21176/title/rewriting-the-past

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