SEFAR: Tenara Architecture Fabrics

SEFAR Architecture PTFE Fabric Stuns

SEFAR Architecture PTFE Fabric Stuns

These interior and exterior architecture fabrics are used in space intervention, sculptural and stadium roofing applications. They can be used to create tension, retractable, shade, seasonal, cladding, sculptural, interior, marine canopy, air supported and netting type structures. It’s actually made of Woven ePTFE fabric and fluoropolymer-coated making it a polymeric material, which means it’s many molecules give it a broad range of characteristics. PTFE is a molecular material used on many commercial products such as non-stick cookware, medical device implants, apparel, electronic and automotive products. ePTFE is essentially an expanded version of this fiber technology introduced to the public as GORE-TEX, which is known for its waterproof/weatherproof protection. Another key feature is its high light transmission. Tenara has 3x more light transmission of similar fabric materials, which make it great for daylighting and up-lit structures. This fabric also has excellent chemical resistance, high resistance against extreme temperatures and UV radiation and it flexes and folds without delaminating or losing strength.

Notable venues this product has been used in includes Wimbledon’s Center Court Retractable Roof, Google’s Central Plaza Shade Structures, West Palm Beach City Place Performance Center’s Seasonal Structure, Salzburg, Austria Main Station Roof as well as many others.

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