the Knoll Generation (chair)

We’re on a roll!

As you may have noticed, we have been bringing you the latest details on the newest products that are being offered by some of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers.

In order to continue this, we have a new review to share with you.

At Lehner Designs, we understand that not everyone either a.) sits the same way in a chair and/or b.) stays sitting the same way in a chair for the entire duration of the time they are occupying that chair.  With that said, to make a chair (even one that’s considered ergonomic) that requires its user to sit one particular way in order for the chair to perform to its maximum potential is quite silly.

That’s why, Lehner Designs loved trying out the Generation chair by Knoll.  It allows the user to sit however they feel the most comfortable while still performing to its maximum potential.

With taglines like “Refuse to sit still.”SM and “Sit how you want.”, how could you resist the temptation to try this product out?!