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Nine13 Sports


Indianapolis, IN


To renovate a former scrap yard storage building into usable space for classrooms, offices, conference rooms, restrooms, and gathering areas. By developing a design that utilized their signature color scheme of red, black, gray and a checkered print wall to create a space with the feeling of high energy and that has visual appeal perfect for energetic kids. The environment is very engaging and hands-on for students and allows the instructors to demonstrate the skills of the trade and empower these youth.


Create a workable lab and classroom space from the run-down, neglected warehouse space that allows for a fun, interactive, functional, and safe classroom environment for kids of all ages.


The Bike Lab and ancillary spaces are now destination spaces for arriving students from the community. This space is a perfect atmosphere where kids are taught how the bike works, how the components are built, and tips and tricks of the bike industry. After 16 hours of hands-on class time where a variety of STEM concepts are introduced by Nine13 instructors, students who complete the program graduate with a brand new bicycle, helmet, and lock! Bikes are no longer about mundane exercise. This uniquely stimulating space is empowering youth through the power of the bicycle!