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As the way we interact in public spaces changes, so does the way we design them.  From hospitals, to hotels, to offices and schools; focusing on cleanablility and disinfecting will help us create safer environments.

There are so many things to consider when planning the next steps in getting back to our new normal.  Many businesses are focusing on how to allow their employees and customers back into spaces, and keep everyone healthy.  There are many products out there that will aid in the ability to keep our spaces and ourselves healthy.  With that said, we wanted to focus on just a few of the products that we’ve found that can aid in the fight against germs, super bugs and viruses.


Interface’s Criterion Classic Collection LVT, is a new category in hard surface healthcare flooring. With superior static load performance and a profile that eliminates trip hazards, Criterion LVT prioritizes well-being for patients and caregivers alike. Criterion LVT planks and squares are 3mm thick, including a 22mil Ceramor™ coating — backed by a 15-year warranty. The resilient flooring product supports biophilic design integration. It’s also carbon neutral through its entire product lifecycle, part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors program.  And, you can match up Criterion Classic LVT against nora® premium rubber flooring for a high-performance, transition-free flooring solution.

The Drift Collection is a luxury vinyl tile collection from Mannington Commercial that offers an array of wood, stone, and abstract visuals in a soothing palette of muted warm and cool colors. The line features a 30 mil wear layer with Quantum Guard Elite technology, is FloorScore Certified, and includes an Environmental Product Declaration.

Featuring calming wood, stone and abstract visuals that are designed to mix together easily, LVT from The Drift Collection can be used to create timeless yet contemporary flooring designs that stand up to high traffic. The soothing palette and 30 mil wear layer with Quantum Guard Elite® technology suit healthcare, senior living, workplace and retail spaces alike.


Did you know that fabrics with Antimicrobials DO NOT protect against COVID19?  Antimicrobial additives in fabric protect the fabric from mold, mildew and bacterial growth.  Instead look for fabrics that pass for cleaners recommended by the CDC for eliminating the spread of COVID19 on surfaces.

4000 is the number of cleaning cycles tested for a passing grade on Architex durability to cleaners testing.  Why 4000? 4000 cleanings is approximately 11 cleanings per day in a 365 day period and is a common turnaround time for general patient rooms.

Disinfectant cleanable fabrics are especially needed in COVID19 frontline spaces.  The majority of healthcare cleaners can be categorized into four active ingredients as their base.  Architex has a full listing of their healthcare cleanable products separated out by Bleach-Based Cleanable, Disinfectant-Base Cleanable, Peroxide-Based Cleanable and Phenolic-Based Cleanable on their website for ease of access.

Xorel is Carnegie’s high performance, innovative and sustainable interior textile. Xorel is a sustainable, high-performing woven polyethylene textile that is durable, lightfast, easy-to-clean, and resistant to tearing. Xorel continues to set the industry standard for high-performing interior textiles by providing a design solution that’s both beautiful and versatile.  Available in more than 350 colors, patterns and textures, Xorel provides boundless opportunity for designing unique environments that require stringent of cleaning protocols. Xorel can be safely cleaned with the most dominate cleaners types Quaternary Ammonium, Hypochlorite(bleach), Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethanol. Xorel is also safe for UVC Disinfecting. It is inherently antimicrobial, antibacterial, and bleach cleanable.

Xorel Artform is a versatile acoustical panel and space division system that combines the beauty and performance of Xorel textiles with proven sound absorbing capabilities.  Available in more than 18 individual standard shapes, a variety of scales, and 3-Dimensional options; Xorel Artform provides boundless opportunity for designing unique environments in hotels, healthcare, offices, schools, and beyond.


1 in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI), costing providers in the United States between $5 and $30.5 billion annually. Because glass is non-porous and durable, it is more easily and efficiently cleaned than any other surface, which significantly reduces the amount of deadly bacteria and viruses that contribute to HAIs.

Dignity Glass by Skyline Design is revolutionizing the healthcare experience.  Skyline created their Dignity Glass on the principle that environmental aesthetics play a significant role in patient healing and provider wellbeing.

Glass is non-porous, making it difficult for bacteria to adhere to it.  Glass can be quickly disinfected with bleach or common cleaning products.  Among the typical materials used in health care facilities, glass has one of the highest STC ratings, making it one of the most acoustically protective alternatives to curtains and drywall.


Via Seating has developed a unique copper infused mesh by partnering with Cupron, utilizing their copper-based proprietary and patented technology. The copper mesh works by physically embedding an EPA registered copper into the fibers of their Via Seating copper mesh. Through this process, the copper will not wear off like topically applied alternatives. The result is a self-sanitizing, copper-infused mesh that has strong biocidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties. There are additional anti-odor properties to the copper mesh as well. It is available in both natural and black finishes.

The Copper Mesh Collection features include:

  • Patent-pending.
  • Award-winning: 2017 Best of NeoCon for Innovation in Healthcare Textiles and a Silver Nightingale Award for healthcare textiles.
  • Nature: biocidal (kills harmful microorganisms), antiviral, antifungal and anti-odor.
  • Cleaning: has self-sanitizing properties, but is also bleach-cleanable.

Citrus from Cramer, is a Med-Tech seating solution that doesn’t force you to choose between style and performance.  Simple, fresh, and clean modern design with an intuitive Flex Function that lets the chair adapt to each individual user with no adjustment necessary.  The Flex Function back and forward edge adapt and auto-adjust to individual user movements.  One-touch height adjustment is the only user-made adjustment necessary.   It’s minimal joint hygienic design allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

The ideal Med-Tech chair doesn’t just protect the sitter. It also protects the setting. Citrus has been designed with lab-grade hygiene in mind, combining materials, form and design to create seating with the properties necessary for lab and clinical healthcare workspaces. Anti-Bacterial Upholstery Leatherette and PU-foam options with significant anti-germ properties Cleanroom Suitable For use in Category-3 cleanrooms.

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