Robert Frost, a well known pathologist, and his wife bought this prefabricated house back in 1958 and lived in it for 50 years. Prefabricated homes were a new concept back then promoted by a developer that promised to deliver a brand new home in 48 hours. These prefab houses shipped in two trailer trucks and quickly become a fully assembled  home complete with all fixtures and appliances. As soon as Karen Valentine and Bob Coscarelli saw the picture above they didn’t need to see anymore – they put a bid on the house immediately. At that time they had no idea what the interior looked like or that the 2,400 square foot house was filled with Knoll furniture and built ins, all of which were originals designed by Paul McCobb. These new occupants do not see themselves as owners, but think of themselves as borrowers of this International Style home. As a result, they have changed very little and are embracing the modernist design right down to the yellow and green fixtures.


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