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Each year brings a plethora of new design trends, and new lighting designs play a crucial part in setting those styles. Lighting manufacturers launch hundreds of products every January at Lightovation, the lighting industry’s largest trade show. We’ve scoured the manufactures and here are a few of the new lighting trends that will brighten up 2020.

Geometric Shapes

From small to large, all sorts of geometric shapes in lighting add visual interest to ceilings and walls. While orbs, spheres, and other round and oval silhouettes have been popular for years, now they are joined by diamonds, hexagons, and squares in configurations that make a dramatic statement. Geometrically shaped lighting pairs well with popular designs in tile floors and backsplashes, as well as with furniture pieces that have geometric elements. For a cohesive finishing touch, add table and floor lamps that repeat the same shapes as the ceiling and wall lighting.

Natural Materials

Emphasis on nature and sustainability continues to trend in design. Organic, natural, and good-for-the-environment materials that are also warm, and cozy are perfect for creating protected, serene, and calm interiors. Look for open-weave shades in natural fibers like rattan and wicker on pendants, chandeliers, and sconces. Sustainable wood is likewise a logical choice for lighting designs, and lighting with details such as wooden bead swags are trending. Both genuine and faux stone and organically textured glass are seen as accents on fixtures or even used as the dominant material, infusing dimension and style into the piece.

Oversized Silhouettes

The popularity of open-floor plan homes means that lighting needs to make a statement so that it does not get lost in the space. Oversized fixtures – the bigger, the better – are the way to go. Hang large pendants in twos and threes over kitchen islands and dining tables. Dramatically sized pendants, chandeliers, and even large ceiling fans from manufactures like Fanimation and Monte Carlo take center stage in living areas while helping to create a necessary division of space from the dining and kitchen areas.

Refined Industrial Design Styles

Although still rooted in traditional warehouse style, industrial lighting is now lighter and more elegant, making it ideal for transitional and modern spaces. Metal frames are thinner and more sophisticated than earlier bulky, functional styles. The mechanical ingenuity of the Industrial Revolution inspires style elements like working pulleys that are incorporated into the lighting’s design. Finishes are polished rather than raw, and lightly distressed wood combine with metal for a look that is streamlined and modern.  Progress Lighting, Kichler Lighing and Feiss Lighting along with many other top lighting manufacturers have introduced products to carry the industrial theme throughout your space.

Fixture Colors & Finishes

Black is trending in home design, especially in kitchens where lighting with a black finish accents dark, painted cabinets. A chic neutral when used alone, black is mixed with gold, chrome, and copper to offer a bold presence in a room. Silver finishes are gaining in popularity, with subtle antique and softly shining silver leaf offering a new elegance to classic chandeliers and modern lighting silhouettes. And brass is back in a less glossy version of its former self which adds softness and a modern touch to the traditional finish.  Look for these finishes and more at CraftmadeSeagull Lighting, Quorum International and the Minka Group, just to name a few.

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