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Office Design is a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Lehner Designs. Post-pandemic offices are looking a whole lot different than before. Working from home has gained massive popularity since the pandemic and many companies have transitioned to a hybrid work environment. To employees well-being, flexibility and work-life balance are the most important things right now. We wanted to share some of the ways that we have discovered to keep the workplace an exciting and enjoyable environment for employees.

Now that jobs are becoming more hybrid, the workplace should reflect that as well. Workstations and straight cut break rooms are not the norm anymore. Having open concept floor plans and many different casual seating options provides the flexibility that people crave.


Creating casual, soft seating arrangements for employees can increase productivity, encourage collaboration and help reduce stress in the workplace. There are several ways to create these atmospheres. Creating a lounge area with couches, chairs, and coffee tables can be easy to implement in an already existent breakroom to make the space more inviting.

Hon has great selections for collaborative and break spaces. The Tangram Collection allows for easy rearranging! The Confetti Collection inspires the inner child with fun pieces like these bean bag chairs. Implementing furniture like this can help spark creativity with the different shapes and bright colors.



If you are looking for some lounge pieces that are classic and high end to style a public space such as a reception area, the David Edward Line from Kimball International is a perfect solution for you.


Although offices are generally trending towards an open floor plan, employees will still need some forms of privacy. A newer product coming onto the scene that promotes acoustic privacy is the “pod.” Many offices have started providing a few of these to allow workers to take phone calls or meetings in a private space where they cannot be overheard. This helps create a space in an otherwise open office that can still serve this need. Kimball National offers the Kolo Pod. This pod has different sizes and it is ADA accessible!

Apart from public and social spaces in the office, making private office spaces more functional and giving them a modern day aesthetic will also help to boost employee morale. Having a desking system that offers ample storage and workspace is important. The Vision Series from JSI has some beautiful contemporary lines and functional pieces that will elevate any open or private office area.


We hope that these products and findings will help you elevate your office space!

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