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Hi! – it’s Haley the Intern again.
Lets talk about some of our lighting favorites.
Besides the basics, lighting can add a lot to a space, from creating dimension, to adding personality in to a room.  It can also help to increase productivity in an office just by the type of lighting installed.
Lighting can also help make a room feel complete. There are so many different styles of lightings fixtures; from table and floor lamps, chandeliers, to wall sconces. Each type of lighting in a space will help to create zones and add different moods to a room. Good lighting changes and transforms a space.


BASO by XAL USA is not your typical linear light. It’s available in standard 90° corners , custom angled, or wall to ceiling corners.The Opal Lens light creates a clean and bright feel to a room. The Batwing Uplight offers a widespread indirect light that distributes evenly across the fixture.   If you find yourself captivated by curves, BASO 2.5 combines seamlessly with the SHAPES product line.

PANO XAL lights and Armstrong® Woodworks® ceilings are the perfect combination for creating aesthetic and warm wood ceiling layouts.
This uses LED lighting mixed with woods to create a warmer, and visual appealing look to a room. This look would bring an artistic element to any office space or large conference room.

Zaneen: Groove is a linear suspension fixture, that reinforces modern building architecture with bright lines of light. It’s characterized by its distinctive design that uses fresh, bold colors to set a new course. The Groove’s typical curved diffuser allows you to create extraordinarily colorful worlds of light – ideal for creative and extravagant designs to any space. This light fixture would be a great choice to use when you need to have a bright light and want to add character and dimension to a room.


There are so many styles of lighting that can be used in your home to create the atmosphere that you desire. In this section we’ll highlight a variety of different ways to use lighting to help achieve the desired look you want.

The Strada Medium Round Chandelier from Visual Comfort is a bold lighting piece, that could be used as a focal point over a kitchen island or table. The spherical shape and brassy, gold color add a warm, inviting feel even with the bold spikes!

Visual Comfort’s Rousseau Vanity Sconce is simple and elegant. In a way it resembles a candle, adding a warm feeling to a room, and not trying to overpower the main design aesthetics in the room.

Joan Task Sconce by Visual Comfort, has the classic retro reading light look. The black gives off a sleek vibe,  while the gold accents add a warmth to the fixture. This light would be perfect bedside addition or on the wall of a study with it’s simple and classy lines,  it could add the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Savoy House Dahlia 1-light Wall Sconce In Warm Brass (ALGTE) is a fun vintage piece that’s sure to add character to any room! With it’s unique floral style, it could stand alone as an accent piece adding more to a room than just light.

Lite Source’s Luken Black and Brass Metal Floor and Table Lamps with USB Ports have a great modern industrial vibe.  You can purchase these in a three pack or individually, which gives you the option to use the floor lamp and table lamps in the same space, giving your room a completed feel.

Fannie 12 1/4″ High Black Charcoal LED Accent Table Lamp from Lite Source is a fun table lamp that will definitely create interest in a room.
It’s not your typical table lamp, so it will be a unique piece and add character to your space.  It’s appealing shape and sizes makes this lamp interesting and fun!

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