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Hi, I’m Haley, an intern this semester here at Lehner Designs. I am a senior at Center Grove
High School planning to attend Liberty University in the fall to study interior design.
Now that we have finished covering our favorite products from 2022, it is time to explore what
we think are potential styles and color trends for 2023. We looked at Sherwin Williams, Burch
Design Studio, and Benjamin Moore for some inspiration for this year’s colors and color

Sherwin Williams has created a color palette named Biome that encapsulates the earthy,
neutrals that are expected to become a staple in homes and businesses this year. People have
been wanting to feel more grounded and centered the past couple of years, so these earthy and
neutral colors help bring that feel to a room.

Burch Design Studio also forecasts neutral colors this year. We see this especially with their
color palettes Ambient Daydream and Chromatica. Ambient Daydream continues with the very
neutral colors, while Chromatica has the earthy undertones, it also has some more colorful hues
on it as well. The pops of color add dimension to the palette and give us the opportunity to have
more to build on when picking design elements.

Benjamin Moore has named Raspberry Blush as their color of the year. It is a beautiful peachy,
pink-red with a soft undertone that allows it to go with the earthy, neutral colors that we’ll being
seeing more of this year.

Along with some of the color predictions for this year, we’d like to also focus on potential
products and styles.
One style we could potentially see this year is monochromatic rooms. It might sound a little bold,
and like it doesn’t fit with the color predictions, but it actually does. Look for rooms that use dark,
rich greens as their only color, but then use woods or gold medals to add a neutral balance.
Monochromatic rooms create a very full and complete feel to a room.

Another popular style we’ll see more of this year is vintage. The vintage style could consist of
many different items including coffee tables, chairs, desks, couches, dressers, the possibilities
are endless. Utilizing vintage items in your decor could help you save money while giving you a
timeless look to the space.  A couple of local businesses that we love to search for vintage items at are
Madison Street Salvage and Flux Indy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the interior design predictions for 2023. We look forward
to seeing how all of these colors and styles play out this year.


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