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Welcome 2023!

There were so many beautiful, unique and amazing products that were introduced over the past year, that this month we want to continue highlighting some of our favorites.  We hope that you enjoy our ongoing list of eye-catching and appealing products and maybe even use these on some of your projects in the future.  We’d also like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our local A&D representatives that come in to update our library and bring in so many new and interesting pieces with each visit.

When we first saw this Interface line, we immediately gravitated to it’s rich colorways and the plush textures.

Welcome to Beaumont Range, a carpet tile collection inspired by the ever-changing beauty of mountain trails.  Using innovative new design techniques, Beaumont Range products combine multiple patterns into one overall design that subtly evolves across large floorscapes. With i2®, no two installations look the same as each floor cleverly mimics the wonderful randomness of nature.
Choose from the granite seams of Mesa™, the dappled layers of Eben™ and the changing, organic forms of Ferris™.  All available as plank tiles, with colors ranging from slate grays to rich forest greens.

We love the bright colorways and geometric patterns in both of these tile families from Artistic Tile.

Sophisticated and joyful, the colorful Micro Moons mosaics have big personality. The white colorway places its 2” bisected circles of blue, green, plum, and cream polished marbles into a ground of honed Bianco Dolomiti; the black colorway features moons in a bold mix of polished red, green, and blue marbles in a ground of honed Nero marble.

Hidden Circles layers a mix of elemental shapes to create a mesmerizing geometric pattern. Presented in Blue, Moca, and Vanilla colorways, Hidden Circles can also be customized via Artistic Tile’s Tailored To program.

Do you love these abstract designs from Mohawk as much as we do?  Each pattern is like a gorgeous work art!

Art is more than self-expression; it is a dialogue. With Abstract Artistry, Mohawk put two artists’ styles into conversation, creating a visual dialogue of their unique aesthetics to inspire and support your own design expressions. Abstract Artistry was developed from the work of artists Eve Hennessa and Marc, both of whom are part of the ArtLifting community. ArtLifting is a platform that highlights artists who are often excluded from the contemporary art market due to housing insecurity or disabilities.

We are so happy that Daltile has created drama

Woven, linear and kaleidoscope patterns create a subtle reaction to light and deliver ultimate style for today’s modern spaces, bringing your vision to life. Each texture can stand alone as a centerpiece, or serve as a well-orchestrated pairing. eatures an unpolished finish and gradient, textural variation and is available in a modern, neutral palette. ffered in six colors and four decorative accent blends that can be used to create one-of-a-kind designs.  It’s available in two floor tile sizes and a 1 x 3 straight-joint mosaic, which offers endless possibilities for mixing textures and colors to achieve a personalized look.

Stencil™ delivers a pop of color and texture to your space. This 4 x 12 tile is available in flat and linear surfaces as well as a half moon structure, which features a raised concave surface with semicircles on each end, forming a circle when installed together. All three structures are suitable for wall applications; the flat structure can also be installed in floor applications. Stencil can deliver the neutral ambience of white, beige or grey, or can wow with the eye-catching colors of mint, indigo, blush or berry. Mix and match colors and textures to create fun, playful spaces.

Whether you need a classic neutral, a striking color, or a combination of both, we love that this Mannington Commercial collection gives you the ability to add the right amount of color and visual texture to your floor.

Inspired by dynamic paths of travel in a city. Amtico Active Lines helps you bring a sense of flow to busy spaces with an easy-to-customize flooring solution. Create inspiring, purposeful designs with a flexible interplay of grids and linear patterns, layered in neutral tones and customizable digitally printed accent colors. As part of the Amtico Collection, Amtico Active Lines also offers unique layout options for striking shapes and pattern play.

Amtico Active Lines makes it simple to customize your flooring, delivering design flexibility with 112 possible combinations of styles, base colors and accent colors, all of which can be mixed or used independently for a completely tailored floor. Best of all, your unique design will remain stunning even under heavy traffic, as Amtico Active Lines is engineered for maximum durability and ease of cleaning thanks to Quantum Guard Elite® and a 40 mil wear layer.

We are impressed by the vast options Platform Surfaces has in their tile lines.

Relic celebrates the true essence of glossy glazed majolica, the surface which, more than any other, has transformed habitats with its decorative energy. Brick tile, vibrant color.
Relic is brick-size porcelain stoneware that evokes the craftsmanship of handmade ceramics and, through nine super-trendy shades, designs walls with vibrant tactile energy.
The cosmopolitan and vibrant area located in central London inspired a timeless ceramic collection – Architekt Wall.  Architekt Wall brings the  perfect balance between traditional and modern.
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