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Sustainable Design | An Environmental And Design Preservation Tool

As a designer, we are frequently plagued by value engineering. When construction costs become overwhelming, something has to give and design is usually the first thing to be compromised. Although we get upset when these things happen, we also understand the reasoning behind it: cost savings. However, there are times when fighting to maintain the integrity of our original design choices is necessary. It can be difficult to get clients to understand that although the costs may be higher upfront, sometimes spending a bit more now can lead to saving a lot more in the future.

Environmental Design


It is important to convey to clients that utilizing sustainable products and materials is not only good for the environment, but fiscally responsible as well. Incorporating materials that require less energy usage and upkeep invariably reduces the amount spent on yearly energy bills and maintenance fees. Furthermore, combining these ideas with longer-lasting sustainable products reduces costs in replacement fees when things get too worn out.


Another significant point to communicate to clients is that while applying the usage of sustainable materials is beneficial fiscally and environmentally, it is also valuable for business. Generally, consumers are appreciative and more responsive to companies that are environmentally conscious. Exhibiting characteristics that indicate the importance of eco preservation is important to a wide variety of potential clients and could lead to an increase in business.

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