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During this COVID-19 epidemic, the methods of how we work had to change. Many of those who worked in an office, had to move into their homes. We’ve seen makeshift desks, pajama zoom calls, and maybe even coworkers working strange business hour to keep up with family life. Whatever the experience, it’s clear that the full effect of getting a job done well was haphazard. 52% of people conducted in a research poll with Kimball, said that teamwork¬† was the number one reason they wanted to return to the office. Yet, there was an overwhelming reply of wanting to split time working from the office and from home (Kimball International). Now, just as we had to change our way of working when COVID-19 began, we will ultimately have to change the way we work again. Whether that will be working from the office half the time and then from home the rest, or implementing ideas for safety and security for those who go back to the office ‘full-time’.

We know it has certainly been a crazy, wild ride this past year. However, we hope that we can provide some insight with this month’s blog topic. This month we have researched and created a list for few objects that will help lessen this next transition of work. So, please enjoy this guide that brings a little bit of comfort, fun, and of course, functionality back into the workplace.

  1. Getting back to the regular grind is going to take some effort. This simple planner allows you to write in the dates and gives as much space as possible to scribble events down.

2. If the planner above seemed too daunting, we’ve included this one that includes quotes for the week and spaces to reflect on ideas with more of a fill-in-the blank feel to it.

3. Since many workplaces are not as private as a home-office, we’ve included these sneeze guards. Many companies have already implemented this, but just in case, folks can purchase one here.

4. Look into purchasing an antimicrobial pen made out of copper. Especially if you are going to share pens around the office!

5. And don’t forget a copper holder set to contain all those pens!

6. Seems like people will be needing to protect their vaccine card when returning to the ‘normal’. Plastic card holders are gaining quite a bit of popularity on websites. You can get a pack of 10 for $10 here.

7. Just for little fun, we have added this mug to our list so that you sip your coffee and have a laugh about working from home.

8. We may still need to wear masks at times, grab a mask case to keep your mask clean while you commute.

9. If you don’t have a mask just yet, look to these websites for purchasing company branded masks: Crestline, CustomInk, and Vistaprint.

10. And lastly, for those who really need to be careful with germs, a No-Touch Door Pull Keychain that looks like the lovable Baby Yoda. You can also use this to push buttons on a keypad!

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