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Hotels these days have stepped up their design game. Hotel corporations everywhere are realizing that people want to enjoy the uniqueness and authenticity of the city in which they are staying. As a result, they are creating a boutique hotel experience for their patrons. No longer does cookie-cutter finishes & furniture shape the views of the building.  Instead, knick-knacks, color, and materials that represent the local culture are incorporated to create the space.

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A good example of this is the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This boutique hotel has ditched the stereotypical corporate aesthetic and embraced their local Minnesotan culture. The main goal was to make the building and its bones the showstopper. In order to do that, the design teams choose warm whites, browns, and golds to emphasize the history of the building. They even developed their own logo to unify their branding throughout.

Click the  link below to watch the short clip and learn more about this hotel and the solutions they employed to create a one of a kind experience.

VIDEO LINK. SW Stir: Local Color – A Boutique Hotel Design


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