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As the year comes to an end, the holidays are heating up and the colder weather sets in, we’re all looking for some warmth and comfort.  Whether that comes from a soft, snuggly blanket, or the yummy goodness of your favorite food, we all have our go to’s.  This month we’ve decided to share and pair some of our favorite comfort foods with products from the design industry.


We love the rich, luxe colorways of these fabrics from Architex, Mayer Fabrics and Arc-Com.  The textures remind us of knotted blankets and tweed scarf sets that are the best to snuggle into on cold winter days or nights by the crackling fire.

The rich amber color of the apple cider is the perfect pairing to these fabrics.  And we all agree that a steaming hot mug of mulled apple cider is a wonderful addition anytime you’re looking to warm up!  Click here for the recipe to make your own Hot Mulled Apple Cider.


Feature walls can offer a warm and inviting atmosphere to any space.  The rich copper and golds provided by the metal accent wall from Moz Designs, is elegant, rich, and dramatic without dominating the overall space.   The vintage wood walls by Stacked Wood Walls, bring out the character, beauty and history by adding warmth from the inside out.  Lumicor’s resin panels add color and a festive atmosphere with their recycled glass products.

Appetizers add a pop of flavor to any meal with just a small amount, just like feature walls do to spaces.  These Goat Cheese Stuffed Prosciutto Wrapped Dates are the perfect winter appetizer.  Our mouths are watering just thinking about them!  Click here for the recipe.


Of course carpet can add coziness to any space without even trying.  The orange accents in these JJ Flooring carpets are so eye pleasing.  These stone and porcelain tiles from ERGON Engineered Stone represented by Michael Montorsi and the luxury vinyl tiles and planks from Interface, offer a warm and inviting atmosphere with their rich color palettes and textures.

We all know that soups can warm us up on even the coldest of days.  This Baked Potato Soup recipe is one of our tried and true favorites!  It’s a family recipe and we’d love to share it with you.  If you’re interested in getting this recipe, email us here.


Wallcoverings offer mood-setting by their colors, textures and artistic designs.  These wall treatments from MDC Interior Solutions create a stunning environment by adding character and color to any room.

We love a twist on the traditional and this Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie absolutely hits the mark!  If you want to indulge on this twist of the traditional pecan pie, click here to make your own.

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